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October 2016

More Gold - 27 Oct 16

Following on from our success at the Bragato wine awards we have received another gold medal at the Air New Zealand wine awards and five medals in total. We know our Rose has some very loyal followers all around the world and most years we run out quite quickly so I don't often enter it in competitions. Thankfully I decided to enter it this year. 

For those that haven't followed our Rose before, we make it from Pinot Noir grapes that have the same start in life as grapes that make our other Pinot Noir wines. The last 2 vintages have come from grapes grown on both Domain Road and Defiance vineyards and we harvest the grapes a little earlier than for our Pinot Noir. 

I often get asked about the colour of our Rose and why we don't make it darker (or lighter sometimes), but the quick answer is that Gillian and I just like it that way.

- Graeme.

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Spring is here - 13 Oct 16

Spring has come to Domain Road with the first shoots appearing on our Felton Road vineyard in late September.  To get to this stage though a small team of dedicated workers have spent the winter pruning and training the vines ready for our new season, setting up the vines for vintage 2017. 

Chardonnay shoots The first new shoots for our 2017 vintage.

 The team that got us here.

Our Domain Road vineyard has now moved to organic practices and the first small step has taken place at Defiance vineyard on Felton Road as well. The vines are still too young and delicate to use our vine weeder but discing the soil over under the vines will start the process to improve soil health

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