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November 2014

Vine talk - 23 Nov 14

Domain Road Vineyard - Vine talk - <p></p>

Visitors to the Cellar Door this summer will notice a new 'look' to the vineyard.  The use of an under vine weeder rather than herbicide to control weed growth around the vines has made quite a difference in the appearance of the vineyard.  Not only is this more environmentally friendly, in the longer term it will be more economical.  

Although we have had an unseasonably cold November the grapes are growing steadily and we expect to go through flowering in late December as usual.  If you are visiting the vineyard take a look at the vines and see if you can spot the flowers - they are very insignificant and not in the least bit showy.  That is saved for the wines that come from the vines!

If, on your visit to Central, you drive along Felton Road then do stop and take a look at our second vineyard 'Defiance' - the young vines here are coming on well and are making their way along the fruiting wire for the first time.  It is a beautiful vineyard in a stunning location!

Martin who has worked for us for the past year took this photo during the spring - thank you for sharing it Martin.

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Winter blues! - 2 Nov 14

Domain Road Vineyard - Winter blues! - <p>Winter blues</p>

Winter blues

Winter in the vineyard - blue skies and snowy mountains as a backdrop!

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Autumn colours - 2 Nov 14

Domain Road Vineyard - Autumn colours - <p>Autumn colours</p>

Autumn colours

Golden Central in Autumn - a time to reflect on the past harvest and prepare for the winter.  

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Vineyard star! - 2 Nov 14

Domain Road Vineyard - Vineyard star! - <p>A warm welcome!</p>

A warm welcome!

Lucy is looking forward to greeting visitors to the vineyard now that we are open again for tasting and sales, so if you are in the area we would love to see you.

In the meantime we thought that you would like to see what Domain Road looks like over the winter months.  Most visitors see us in the summer when the vineyard is in full canopy and the grapes busy ripening for the next vintage and never experience Central in its stunning autumn and winter colours!!

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