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March 2024

Harvest 2024 - 25 Mar 24

Domain Road Vineyard - Harvest 2024 - <p></p>

Here in Bannockburn the first signs of Autumn are with us - then vines and trees are changing colour, the nights are cooler but the days still warm and most importantly it heralds the start of harvest.  The fruits of our endeavours are coming in .....

 At Domain Road the first fruit to be picked was the Chardonnay on our Defiance Vineyard - the day was mellow, the fruit looked great, everyone was in good spirits - a very positive way to start our 2024 harvest. 

Still on the vine - golden goodness.  

and into the buckets .   

Then into the bins where they are screened before finally being taken into the winery.

The vineyard team have done the 'hard yards' all growing season now it is over to the winemaker....

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