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Sun, 7th Aug 2022

Why Fiona hates spur pruning - 30 Nov 16

    Domain Road Vineyard - Why Fiona hates spur pruning - <p></p>
  • Why Fiona hates spur pruning - <p></p>
  • Why Fiona hates spur pruning - <p></p>

Spurs versus Canes (sounds a bit like a footie match) - a number of recent visitors to the vineyard have asked why some of the vines are looking 'different' - by different they are referring to the fact that some of the vines have a permanent cordon (the section of the vine that is wrapped on the fruiting wire - the lowest wire) and some do not.  

The simple answer to this is that Fiona and her team over the last two winters have been progressively (and where possible) removing the permanent cordon and laying down a new cane in its place.  The growth for the new season will come from that new cane rather than from spurs on the permanent cordon.  

The next question visitors ask is why would you do this - it seems like a lot of work.  It is a lot of work but the rewards are worth it.  Central Otago can be a very windy place in Spring and the young vine shoots are quite fragile - there is a far greater risk of shoot damage with a permanent cordon than with a cane - as the cane is more flexible and will take some of the force of the wind - whereas the spur will stay rigid and the shoots bear the brunt.  The pictures tell the story.  

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